The AIPARC Story
The AIPARC Story
AIPARC strives to be the world leader in AI for mass market companies

What's Important to Us

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Our Customers

Bringing customer-focused AI technology to market is what drives us.

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Our Team

Having the right team of experienced professionals ensures that we can deliver what we promise.

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Best IP

Our intellectual property is what differentiates us. Making sure that we have the best technology is what motivates us.

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Strong Metrics

What truly matters to us it that the solutions we deliver result in quantifiable success.

Artificial Intelligence to Meet Today's Challenges

AIPARC has built and acquired the best AI technology, team and IP assets to bring AI solutions to mass market companies. We help our customers analyze structured and unstructured data to inform their business strategy with actionable customer intelligence.

We do it better because we have developed a contextual discovery platform that reads and understands vast amounts of data like humans do.

This enables us to see connections and context between seemingly unrelated data in order to produce more accurate and actionable intelligence and recommendations. Our AI algorithms adapt automatically to more than 60 languages, which enables us to work with our customers on a global scale. We believe AI will augment human intelligence and lead us to create more innovative and successful companies.

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Micro and Macro Contributors to the Rise of AI

AI - Micro Contributors and Macro Contributors



Team Highlights


Management Team Experience


At AIPARC people and technology
are one holistic solution.

We help mass market companies understand
the complex details of AI and how it applies to customer intelligence.

Our work is complex. The way we discuss it is not.

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